ForgetmeNot Double Room

Located on the first floor, this room of 13,5 sqm, features parquet floors, autonomous heating and air conditioning system, en-suite bathroom with shower, panoramic view

It’s a romantic double bedroom (convertible into twin) named after the tiny little blue flowers – the forget-me-not – symbolizing true and undying love in the language of flowers.

Curiosity on the flower

According to an ancient legend, a knight in armor was taking a stroll by a river with his future spouse . She noticed a beautiful  blue posy of flowers floating near the water’s edge and pleaded her loved one to get them for her but, as he reached out and clasped them he slept and falling into the river, the heavy armor pulled him down into the waters but not before throwing the flowers to her on the river bank crying out “Don’t forget me!” This beautiful flower came to be known as Forget-me-not, associated in the language of flowers with true love  and undying love.

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