Daisies Twin Room

Twin bedroom  of 13.5 sqm located on the first floor, featuring 2 single beds (80×190 cm each), parquet flooring, autonomous air conditioning and heating system, en-suite bathroom with shower.

This room is inspired by daisies, these spontaneous wild flowers that mark the beginning of spring. There is an expression that spring hasn’t arrived until you’ve set foot on 12 daisies

In the language of flowers they represent purity and beauty.

Curiosity about Daisies

The daisy was very popular in the medieval times, Knights would wear daisies as a symbol of their fidelity . The Victorians loved  daisies, it was once considered to be Queen Victorian’s favourite flower. In the Victorian Language of flowers it symbolised innocence and the sharing sentiments. In the 16th century France, there existed an ‘Order of the Daisy’. In Britain too, the daisy was associated with importance belonging and patriotism. Empire Day on the 24th of May was celebrated by many folk and it was said that school girls wore daisies on that day, this single compact flower symbolized a united empire. But in popular symbols the beautiful daisies have always been associated with love and marriage:, Everyone has heard “He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he loves me not” a single petals are pulled away form the daisies. The popularity of this verse has resulted in the daisy being named ‘love’s oracle. What a responsability for such a small and delicate flower

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