Red Poppies Junior Suite

Located on the first floor, this en-suite family room of 28 sqm, can accommodate up to 4 people and features : a double bed ( 170×190 cm), an adjacent seating area containing 2 pouf beds ( 80×190) separated by a sliding door; parquet flooring, autonomous heating and air conditioning, bathroom with waterfall shower head,  breathtaking panoramic views.

The Red Poppies Suites is named after these wild flowers that in spring can be admired in all its vermillion brilliance covering the surrounding fields and viewed from the 5 windows

Curiosity about RED POPPIES

The Poppy is one of the most widely used symbolic flower around the world: associated with beauty, magic, fertility and restful sleep. Ancient Greek, Egyptian, and Roman societies linked it with sleep due the sedative effect of the plant’s sap. The Greeks in particular linked it to sleep because of Morpheus, the God of sleep, represented with a bouquet of poppies in hand and sleeping in a cave of poppy seeds. The Victorians, gave the flower a variety of meanings based on the color, including consolation for loss, deep sleep, and extravagance. Chinese and Japanese flower experts recommend the Poppy for couples because it means a deep and passionate love between two people

Junior Suite
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