Primroses Family Room


Stylish and bright family room with un upper storey. Downstairs room with a double bed (160×190) and ensuite bathroom with shower The upper storey housing two single mattress beds ideal for kids, and bathroom with wc and wash basin. Parquet flooring, autonomous heating and air conditioning and velux window.

The room is inspired by the colorful primroses, especially those yellow and blue. These two colors blend in this room creating a balance between energy and knowledge represented by the yellow color and calm and relaxation, symbolized by the color of Blue.

The primrose is one of the earliest spring flowers coming from the Latin word “prima” which means “first”. In the language of flowers the meaning for primrose is “I can’t live without you” the sentiment of not being able to live without a partner that usually comes with young love.This is why the primrose also symbolizes youth

Curiosity about PRIMROSES

According to the legend, Saint Peter- heaven’s guardian- one day having a nap heard a noise of somebody trying to enter heaven from the back door. Still sleepy he went to check out what was going on, he dropped his bunch of keys. They fell to earth and miraculously took root and bloomed. It was spring time and those beautiful flowers were first to bloom in the season and were called primroses.

As legend says they bloomed from Saint Peter’s bunch of keys

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